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JD Edwards BSSV API connection to WooCommerce

Déployer en multiplateforme

Connect your JD Edwards BSSV API to WooCommerce. We can offer and end-to-end JD Edwards eCommerce Integration including our Product Catalog Automation suite. Product Catalog Automation uses the JD Edwards BSSV API Using the standard interoperability and the Business Services (BSSV), our Machine Learning robot can create a complete online store directly from JDE data. […]

WooCommerce Vendor Management

Convert your WooCommerce website into a multi-vendor marketplace with WooCommerce Vendor Management Plugin You have an existing website and a strong community and want to find ways to diversify your business? Or would you like to start an e-commerce business without having to invest in creating your own product line? With the WooCommerce Vendor Maganement […]

Fix Slow WooCommerce – The 1st thing you want to do

Fix Slow WooCommerce - Scale Images

To properly start to fix slow WooCommerce website, you’ll have to scale the images correctly. You first stop would be to run a Speed Audit on your Website with GTmetrix. The main improvement you will get is from Scaling Images. It’s easy, just run the GTmetrix, select the PageSpeed tab and expand the ‘Serve Scaled […]

WooCommerce Import Products made easy

Import Affiliate Products

You can import Affiliate Products through PlugCorp Pty Ltd’s WP All Import Products plugin. If you’re struggling importing amounts of Products, we can help. We’ll have you run your first WooCommerce Import Products. We can even help coding a few functions that would transform your Data while importing. Our whole team is using this import […]

6 easy Steps to fasten a WooCommerce site

Speed up WordPress site

(Update Apr 27 with a 6th bonus step) At Vilna Gaon eCommerce, we are constantly looking to increase the speed of our Clients Online Shops (102 WooCommerce under management and counting…). We do implement a large effort to fasten a WooCommerce site to reach the fastest Google PageSpeed. As Cloudflare researched, a website’s conversion rate […]