3 Causes of Slow eCommerce Growth

At Vilna Gaon, our new clients are usually calling us when they are tired of their Slow eCommerce Growth.

3 Reasons Why

We observed these 3 reasons why your Online Shop growth is not as big as expected:

  1. You focus too much on 1 unique Marketing Channel (often it’s Google Adwords);
  2. You waste too much time trying to find a Magic Bullet that won’t or didn’t really work out (ie. growth hacking, or anything that get sponsored on Facebook);
  3. You do not focus on low relative effort / high ROI channels like eMailing and Traditional Marketing

The Funnel Entry has 6 main Marketing Channels: Field Marketing, Organic, Paid Ads, Affiliation, Social, Emailing:

Slow eCommerce Growth comes usually from lack of Funnel Analysis
You’re throwing cash and resources in the funnel that mainly fall outside of your conversion bucket

Step Back and check your Slow eCommerce Growth

During 2 hours, we can go through all the Marketing Channels you’re using and those you should be using.

Once we’ve inventoried all those channels, we’ll sort them by Workload (as low as possible) and by Return-On-Investment (ROI as high as possible).

You will get a full plan from that Inventory that you will be able to follow up and set strict KPIs. Along with a Content Plan, you will make sure that all resource and effort are invested into your Asset rather than to Overhead.

Contact Vilna Gaon for any request concerning Slow eCommerce Growth

We will be happy to help you add the Online Route to your Market Channels

The eCommerce WordPress platforms that we provide allow you a display worthy of the largest online sales sites. It will be decisive for your sales having a layout and visualization of your products that ensure you an optimal referencing on all images.

We can make sure that all 27 control points for MOZ are met when we help you build your Online Catalog. We use Mash’n Learn’s Technology to generate Product Pages in a massive way that quickly hike to Google Page 1.

How does Vilna Gaon work?

We will first audit your request for free. Maybe we can quickly help without even get into financials. We have 2 sorts of formula for our WooCommerce Support:

  1. We’ll bill by the hours we agree together;
  2. We’ll set up a Support Maintenance contract together where we’ll cover your updates, maintenance and bugs.

Please note that we only support Plugins and Themes endorsed by WooCommerce.com and Flatsome.

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