Our Approach

Vilna Gaon is a Belgian Automation solution provider helping Retail and FMCG industrials to keep in touch with innovation.

Vilna Gaon provides services to companies willing to use Automation to accelerate their digital transformation in the fields of Supply Chain (including e-Commerce channel) and Retailing.

Our Story

As Commerce is a key focus of Vilna Gaon, we have been investing and co-managing websites with an end-to-end approach, including fulfillment and call center. In our portfolio, we assist companies like Phytesia and Up2You by managing their online operation outside Belgium and fulfill markets like Germany, UK, Spain and France.

Meet the Team

This team of strong individuals will help you take all automation methods to reduce your overhead. No human deserves repetitive tasks.

Lisa Mashn

Founder & CEO

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Stephan Pire

In Charge

Stephan Pire has been spending his career connecting the Supply Chain dots between end consumer and sourcing suppliers.

Timothy Barrett


Tim takes care of the Bean counting until we get too big to avoid a real CFO. Until then, we keep overhead real low.

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