Assessing your Lead Acquisition Performance

When you’re starting a new year and expecting growth, the first thing you should do would be assessing your Lead Acquisition Performance.

Components of the Assessment Workshop

Vilna Gaon Golem analyzing your Website

From eMailing to Content Planning, Assessing your Lead Acquisition Performance is only taking a 3 hours workshop. This Audit workshop is part of the Vilna Gaon Services List.

Every single source of Traffic has to be evaluated and get its own SWOT Analysis. From that situation, we run a full Keyword Analysis based on your Services and your Direct Competition.

Once we have a clear and precise keywords list, we are able to plan for the Content and its publishing over the next 3 months. After each month,

Deliverables of a Lead Acquisition Performance Assessment

  1. The Complete list of Marketing Channels;
  2. A Keyword Analysis including a Competition Analysis;
  3. A Content Plan to deploy;
  4. A Time Boxed 2 weeks of the first Actions to be taken;
  5. An appointment for a Follow Up after 6 weeks.
Marketing Channels need to be reviewed and measured to assess the Lead Acquisition Perfomance

Need a WooCommerce Chicago support for your website?

You already have an online store under WooCommerce or a static site but it seems to slow down from day to day? You are used to being able to intervene on any type of WordPress and/or WooCommerce site and thus repair your site quickly and durably!

Fix my WooCommerce / WordPress

Are you thinking of launching into a new market but want to limit your budget and do a few tests? Vilna Gaon also partner with Procter & Gamble for test projects such as Oral-B subscriptions or Dash laundry products. The idea is to put online quickly and at a lower cost an alternative website that corresponds to the standards and to a precise graphic charter. Our team then proposes a site that can adapt directly to these constraints and can propose a site that welcomes your customers as if they were on your own site.

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