Brexit Impact on Online Sales between UK and Europe

If you’re selling from the UK (or selling to the UK), you will be soon impacted by the No Deal Brexit that is scheduled on October 31, 2019. The Brexit Impact on Online Sales should NOT be taken lightly.
That’s why, at Vilna Gaon, we’ve built a Tax Nexus* in the United Kingdom so we will still be able to deliver as well as filling Tax Reports.

*Nexus: The term nexus is used in tax law to describe a situation in which a business has a “nexus” or tax presence in a particular state or states. … Nexus also describes the amount and degree of business activity that must be present before a state can tax an entity’s income or for taxes on sales within the state.

Brexit Impact on Online Sales

How we deal with Brexit Impact on Online Sales at Vilna Gaon?

The best way to prepare yourself is to ensure that you have 4 to 8-week stock coverage at all times on both sides of the UK / EU border. Like Amazon does, we advise you to send stock before October 17, 2019.

We can help you by storing your non-perishable goods at our LR Data Science partner warehouse. You can also ask us to upload and translate your Product Catalog in English from any of our 17 managed languages.

As Of October 5, we manage 25 online shops (over a total of 97) in the United Kingdom. This includes 2 Seller Merchants on From Flowers to perishable and non-perishable Consumer Goods, we help manufacturers to break down all barriers to Export.

How can Vilna Gaon help?

We can assist you in selling to or from the UK and with large catalog imports. You can either contact us using the below contact form or start a conversation with our chat team down right of the screen. Just Do It!