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WooCommerce Core Web Vitals

WooCommerce Core Web Vitals Post Visuals

Vilna Gaon works actively on improving WooCommerce Core Web Vitals. The Core Web Vitals report shows how your pages perform, based on real world usage data (sometimes called field data). You can read more about this initiative on the Google Search Central blog. These indicators are now closely followed by Google to assess your site’s position on Search Ranking. […]

Technical SEO for WooCommerce – All Specifics managed by Vilna Gaon WooCommerce Experts

Fix Slow WooCommerce - Scale Images - WooCommerce Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO? WooCommerce Technical SEO consists of any sufficiently technical action undertaken with the intent to improve search results for WooCommerce. Alexis Sanders, Technical SEO manager @ Merkle, gives a more specific definition: “Technical SEO covers the crawl, index, and render portion of the “crawl, index, rank” model. At a high level, you […]

We’ll turn your Products Catalog Excel into a Pro Online Shop – WooCommerce Fast Implementation

Offre Boutique en Ligne COVID-19 Exemple

Give us your listing and we’ll turn your Products Catalog Excel into a Pro Online Shop in a snap. Our WooCommerce Fast Implementation techniques will allow you to start selling online in less than a week. Your Excel into a Pro Online Shop on WordPress Our Team will take care of the minimal layout needed […]

Assessing your Lead Acquisition Performance

Leads Acquisition Performance Assessment

When you’re starting a new year and expecting growth, the first thing you should do would be assessing your Lead Acquisition Performance. Components of the Assessment Workshop From eMailing to Content Planning, Assessing your Lead Acquisition Performance is only taking a 3 hours workshop. This Audit workshop is part of the Vilna Gaon Services List. […]

Enjoy this WordPress HTTPS SQL and easily enforce SSL


If you want to set WordPress SSL without Plugin like Real Simple SSL, you want to make sure there is no Mixed Content in your site. You should get by using the WordPress HTTPS SQL below. Rewriting Dynamically all your Links is bloating a WordPress. To to this, you will need minimal SQL skills and […]

JD Edwards BSSV to WooCommerce API REST

JD Edwards BSSV WooCommerce API REST

The very first rule we set when we connect JD Edwards BSSV to WooCommerce API REST is this one: NO interaction with JD Edwards is happening during the User Experience. We do integrate JD Edwards to WooCommerce using BSSV, Interoperability Z1 EDI process and even with direct SQL. How do we make sure the Checkout […]

Vilna Gaon Services List

Our range of Vilna Gaon Services include everything you need to foster your Online Sales. Our Vilna Gaon services are listed here: Full Sales Funnel Audit (Leads Acquisition) and Implementation (including integration with Traditional Sales); Integrating Large Catalog of Products (up to 55 millions on WooCommerce) using Machine Learning Product Descriptions Generation; Full SEO package […]

WooCommerce Infrastructure – Keep it under 2 seconds

Speed Up WooCommerce

Do you want to keep your WooCommerce Infrastructure displaying pages under 2 seconds? Check this Cheat Sheet Chart: Increasing the WooCommerce Speed At Vilna Gaon eCommerce, we are constantly looking to increase the speed of our Clients Online Shops (102 WooCommerce under management and counting…). We do implement a large effort to fasten a WooCommerce […]