Let this COVID-19 Online Shop be the next milestone for your business :

An Online Sales Channel

Offre Boutique en Ligne COVID-19 Exemple

During this unusual period, it is essential to think outside the box and to change the way you sell your products or your services to your clients.

With an e-commerce website you can reach a huge number of potential client that you will probably never be able to reach without an online visibilty.

In order to succeed in your digital transformation, we give you the opportunity to have a great e-commerce website ready to use in only 1 week.


Contact Vilna Gaon when you need a help on WooCommerce

Contact Vilna Gaon eCommerce… Even if you have nothing to say, or just bitching about your WooCommerce, we’ll be happy to be your sounding board.

We can cover most of your Online Business challenges, whatever it’s about Speed Performance or about uploading and translating massive Catalogs.

We’ll also work with our friends to help you to Classify Product Data (LR Data Science) and enrich it (Mash’n Learn). We can also improve your Design using our Design Agency Partners.

Our WooCommerce Belgium team is at your service!

With Concrete References

We helped the biggest and we assisted the smallest of all to increase their sales through the Online channel.

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Improve Your export sales

Ecommerce is the fastest way to test a new Market. Don’t rely on sloppy Market data and try your product attraction by yourself.

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