Vilna Gaon Golem – Pourquoi notre nom est Vilna Gaon

Vilna Gaon was a Talmudisthalakhistkabbalist, and the foremost leader of misnagdic (non-hasidicJewry of the past few centuries. He is commonly referred to in Hebrew as ha-Gaon he-Chasid mi-Vilna, « the pious genius from Vilnius ». He helped one of his students building the Vilna Gaon Golem, which he failed eventually.

Ok, but what is the Vilna Gaon Golem?

Like us, Vilna Gaon has been working a lot on an Artificial Intelligence relic. That relic was commonly named Golem and is part of the Kabbalist Jewish mythology.

While Vilna Gaon eventually gave up on that achievement, we are thriving in building our very own Golem. Its purpose though is to operate websites and Product Catalogs.

vilna gaon golem

There is a tradition relating to the Vilna Gaon or « the saintly genius from Vilnius » (1720–1797). Rabbi Chaim Volozhin (Lithuania 1749–1821) reported in an introduction to Sifra de Tzeniuta that he once presented to his teacher, the Vilna Gaon, ten different versions of a certain passage in the Sefer Yetzira and asked the Gaon to determine the correct text.

The Gaon immediately identified one version as the accurate rendition of the passage. The amazed student then commented to his teacher that, with such clarity, he should easily be able to create a live human. The Gaon affirmed Rabbi Chaim’s assertion, and said that he once began to create a person when he was a child, under the age of 13, but during the process he received a sign from Heaven ordering him to desist because of his tender age.

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