Integrate SmarterCommerce with WooCommerce the easiest way

If you have been using JD Edwards as your main ERP, you may have to integrate SmarterCommerce with WooCommerce.

Why would you use SmarterCommerce rather than major Payment Gateways like Paypal or Stripe? You could have to wait for Shipment Confirmation before Charging the customer Credit Card.

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A PSP to integrate SmarterCommerce with WooCommerce

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What PSP should you use to connect SmarterCommerce with WooCommerce? SmarterCommerce’s integration with Payflow™ and Computop’s Paygate provides support for almost all leading payment.

At Vilna Gaon, we spend days trying t find the most native solution to fully connect JD Edwards and WooCommerce including Payment handling. As you may want to integrate the WooCommerce checkout with a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne payment handling, there are 2 options available right now:

PayPal Payflow

integrate SmarterCommerce with WooCommerce through Payflow

PayPal’s Payflow, a market-leading payment gateway, connects your SmarterCommerce E-Commerce B2B or B2C web presence to your existing merchant account delivering real-time credit card, debit card, ACH and PayPal Express Checkout payment processing.

  • No setup or monthly fees for Payflow Link
  • Works with almost any merchant account, processor, and shopping cart
  • Up to a 44% higher online checkout conversion with PayPal.

Computop Payment Service

integrate SmarterCommerce with WooCommerce through Computop

Computop is a leading international Payment Service Provider that enables merchants and white label customers to process global multichannel payments.

Computop’s high-performance processing platform, including in-house service and support, handles your national and international financial transactions – reliably and in a matter of seconds. Our system meets the highest security standards and is developed exclusively in Germany. It is modularly structured so that we can guarantee the best solution for you.

Vilna Gaon can help you to integrate SmarterCommerce with WooCommerce

JD Edwards to WooCommerce Integration

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