JD Edwards BSSV API connection to WooCommerce

Connect your JD Edwards BSSV API to WooCommerce. We can offer and end-to-end JD Edwards eCommerce Integration including our Product Catalog Automation suite.

JD Edwards eCommerce Integration

Product Catalog Automation uses the JD Edwards BSSV API

Using the standard interoperability and the Business Services (BSSV), our Machine Learning robot can create a complete online store directly from JDE data. We can upload ALL of your Item Branch (F4102) Data straight to WooCommerce while enriching the Marketing Data.

JD Edwards eCommerce example using JD Edwards BSSV API
Example of JDE E1 generating Products in WooCommerce

Address Book, Products, Inventory and Orders

We offer a complete integration between JD Edwards’ database with WooCommerce.

Using Advanced or Standard warehousing, the orders coming from the standard eCommerce platform will integrate directly in your warehouse and will generate pick slips to deliver your customers.

The inventory levels will be fully in synch and the Product Item Master will be updating the features and the descriptions based on business rules we set together. The integration also support advanced pricing.

We fix your Catalog content with Machine Learning

From Natural Language Generation to Predictive Analysis, Mash’n Learn provides a complete tool suite for the large catalog retailers.

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