JD Edwards BSSV to WooCommerce API REST

The very first rule we set when we connect JD Edwards BSSV to WooCommerce API REST is this one: NO interaction with JD Edwards is happening during the User Experience.

Connect JD Edwards BSSV to WooCommerce REST API

We do integrate JD Edwards to WooCommerce using BSSV, Interoperability Z1 EDI process and even with direct SQL.

How do we make sure the Checkout Process keeps under 3 seconds per screen?

Vilna Gaon Golem analyzing your Website

There are 2 types of Data that need to be available at the moment the user starts building a new cart:

  1. The Product Item Availability
  2. The Product Item Pricing (including Special Price)

The 1st one, Product Item Availability, is straight forward; we do resynchronize WooCommerce Product Data every hour during the day. This way, WooCommerce will display the Price to the User without having to call the ERP system.

Calling the ERP system is NOT possible during a Checkout Process as it would dramatically increase the page load and the waiting latency.

The WooCommerce Page Speed is Key to your Online Shop Conversion Rate. Getting above 5 seconds could make you lose 80% of your Users in the process. When having a proper Online Shop like WooCommerce communicating with a standard ERP like JD Edwards or SAP , getting under 5 seconds would cost tens of thousands in IT Infrastructure. There is no need for that!

Orders are integrated in JD Edwards AFTER Checkout

We don’t push orders to JD Edwards E1 until the Order is Completed in WooCommerce using the API End Point Order Received.

Our Vilna Gaon Service Oriented back end will add orders to a queue and will process them to the ERP. The JDE Ship Confirmation will send the information back to WooCommerce to warn the User that the order has been shipped.

If you request us to integrate SmarterCommerce and WooCommerce, you will even be able to Authorize at Checkout then Debit at EnterpriseOne Ship Confirm.

Products Pages generation when you connect JD Edwards BSSV to WooCommerce API REST

From the JD Edwards Item Module (G41), we generate a file that will be used by our partner Mash’n Learn Product Description Generation to create SEO-friendly pages.

We have built a complete system to generate complete WooCommerce Online Shop from simple Product Catalog files. This has helped us to reduce the deployment time. From an initial 16 weeks projects in 2013, we now deploy 1 millions SKUs in less than a week.

Vilna Gaon is specialized in WooCommerce and JD Edwards

JD Edwards to WooCommerce Integration

It’s been 22 years we’re into JD Edwards (EnterpriseOne and WorldSoftware) and more than 10 years into WordPress and WooCommerce. We can build, maintain, improve and fix your Online Store or your Integration.

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