Kick Off your first Google Ads Campaign without pain

Why should you build your First Google Ads Campaign by yourself? You could easily ask a Paid Ads Agency to do this.

Your first Google Ads Campaign will help you understand the whole concept

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The reason why we advocate that you should be building your own Paid Ads campaign is simple: We strongly believe you should understand the basics before you hand these keys to a Supplier.

The basics of Keywords bidding and Ads Copy writing will help you to contribute to the profitability your Online Shop

Step 1 – Sit down and relax meditating on your Offer

This is the most important action in the whole process. Even if you would delegate the management to an external Agency right away, you should still be providing those 3-4 words that pinpoint what you provide (eg: speed up wordpress, pool chemicals tester app, family office software, etc.)

Step 2 – Create your first Campaign with a precise Target

Be the big fish in a small pond. Make sure you limit your Target to a max 50,000 audience. You will always get a better result from the users found from your local State. They may know you already and they are most probably aware of your current Customers. (By the way, creating ads towards your Testimonials has a great conversion rate).

Reducing the audience will als make sure you don’t burn your budget too fast.

Step 3 – Write a great Ad Copy

(Check out this great article: The main mistake businesses make in ad-writing is that they are talking about themselves. That’s natural as you’re the Master of your Domain.

But it’s actually the opposite of what you should be doing. Customers seek you out because they need something, not because they’re curious about your business.

The best way to get the attention of your target audience is to show them that you understand – and can fix – their problems. Before you start writing, do this exercise: put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes. Think about the Symptoms they’re facing and right about it.

Be clear and concise as you don’t have much space

Step 4 – Rinse and Repeat

Have a daily look at the performance. Make sure you plan ahead daily 15 minutes and one weekly hour to go through your Ads spending. The goal is to continuously improve the effect of your Campaign.

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Before you delegate Google Ads to anyone

Make sure you take care of a few things:

Pick a Performance-based Agency

The best Performance-based Paid Ads agencies will build your relationship based on agreed limit like Conversion Cost (how much did you pay for each Leads or Sales) and Budget Limit.

If a Google Ads agency refuses to agree on a Performance and want to sell you a lot of Clicks, you will suffer heavily from the 3 following pains:

  1. Your budget will melt in a snap without conversion;
  2. You will get a bunch of visitors with no clear interests in your Products or Services, which will have a negative impact on your Search result (Bounce too high);
  3. The relationship will end in tears.

Keep an eye on the negative keywords list

Make sure you can control the negative keywords list. The balance between Negative Keyword, Precise Keywords and tight-controlled budget will help you get a succesful.

By looking at regular times to the Search Terms, you will identify useless traffic for your website. Make sure you maintain that list in collaboration with the agency. This will decrease the users traffic but it will improve the conversion on site. On top of paying for less clicks, Google Quality Score will increase and therefore make you pay less for the validated keywords.

Support your Google Ads Partner agency with Content

Help your Google Ads Partner agency by providing Content (posts or ideally pages) to help the best promising Ads to perform.

Each time a new set of Keywords show a good result (high Click-Through-Rate and good behaviour on the website), you should spend some time and resource on those Keywords. Build a Creative banner along with a bit of interesting content that fit and match with those keywords.

Don’t allow the agency to forget about Bingads (Bing and Yahoo)

Paid Ads agencies, which are often Google Partners, tend to forget about other Search Engines like Bing or Yahoo. While they only supply a small subset of the Google traffic, they are still more than relevant in your quest to capture your Leads interest.

Read but ignore Google Optimization suggestions

They can be nice-looking and motivating, but the Google proposals for Optimization often push for upsell (their upsell) at the expense of Precision. While you should have a look at what they suggest, you should not activate every single hint. In the beginning of your life with Ads spending, you should focus on the foundations. Let the agency that will take you to the next level deal with those recommendations.

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