Kick Start your Online Store – You have Inventory and Time

With the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve now found yourself in a position where you’re not able to conduct business in a physical shop. You know you had to go for eCommerce to expand your business, now is the time to kick start your online store. 

Kick Start your Online Store - You have Inventory and Time
Kick Start your Online Store in English, Spanish and French. Grab that Market

Kick Start your Online Store

Focus 4 hours putting together an action plan, research which tools will best integrate with your plan, and set up your marketing strategy. You have the advantage that the whole process has become a lot more do-it-yourself friendly over the years as software like WooCommerce and platforms as Shopify take literally minutes to set up.

Shoppers are buying from their mobile devices and use the internet to gather information about items they’re interested in. These days, buying online is actually their only option. It’s time to get your business into the mix? Resources abound to ensure your transition online will be successful.

So the steps to kick start your Online Store are quite easy:

  1. Install a WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin (2 hours);
  2. Load your Products and install Stripe and Paypal (4 hour);
  3. Spend a bit of time to get your Home Page running (2 hours);
  4. Add Sales Conditions and About pages (2 hours);
  5. Get all the eMails you have and send a Mailchimp newsletter to let the World know!

You’re good to go!

Contact Vilna Gaon for any request concerning B2B & B2C Online Selling

We will be happy to help you add the Online Route to your Market Channels

The eCommerce WordPress platforms that we provide allow you a display worthy of the largest online sales sites. It will be decisive for your sales having a layout and visualization of your products that ensure you an optimal referencing on all images.

We can make sure that all 27 control points for MOZ are met when we help you build your Online Catalog. We use Mash’n Learn’s Technology to generate Product Pages in a massive way that quickly hike to Google Page 1.

How does Vilna Gaon work?

We will first audit your request for free. Maybe we can quickly help without even get into financials. We have 2 sorts of formula for our WooCommerce Support:

  1. We’ll bill by the hours we agree together;
  2. We’ll set up a Support Maintenance contract together where we’ll cover your updates, maintenance and bugs.

Please note that we only support Plugins and Themes endorsed by and Flatsome.

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