Why Would You Sell Online From Belgium?

Selling online in Europe is easy and fast when done from Belgium. Vilna Gaon can help you build an entire end-to-end distribution channel for your organization.

The Belgian e-commerce sector is growing, but not fast enough

In 2015, total global annual online sales for Belgium topped €7.3 billion. BeCommerce, a local e-commerce association, reviewed the sales figures for more than 720 e-shops (82% of the Belgian market for e-commerce) during the last month of 2015. From this survey, it appears that online marketers reached a turnover of €1 billion over the period November 27-December 31, which represents 14% of their annual turnover.
Selling Online in Belgium

For consumers, 2015 saw the arrival of Chinese online mega-retailer Alibaba, which immediately ranked 10th in the BeShopping100 ranking (the top 100 Belgian webshops).

The case for selling from Belgium to European countries

Belgium is ideally situated in the center of Europe, with easy access to key markets. With its multimodal logistics hubs, including three international airports, and close association with key logistics providers from UPS and DHL to FedEx, Belgium is a great choice for fast and effective shipment strategies.

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Vilna Gaon can help you go online real fast

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