Enjoy this WordPress HTTPS SQL and easily enforce SSL

If you want to set WordPress SSL without Plugin like Real Simple SSL, you want to make sure there is no Mixed Content in your site. You should get by using the WordPress HTTPS SQL below. Rewriting Dynamically all your Links is bloating a WordPress. To to this, you will need minimal SQL skills and access to your mySQL Database to run the following SQL script:

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = replace(post_content, 'http://', 'https://')
WHERE post_content LIKE '%http://%';

UPDATE wp_posts SET guid = replace(guid, 'http://', 'https://')
WHERE guid LIKE '%http://%';

UPDATE wp_postmeta SET meta_value = REPLACE (meta_value, 'http://','https://') where meta_value LIKE '%http://%';

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = replace(option_value, 'http://', 'https://')
WHERE option_value LIKE '%http://%';

Use WordPress HTTPS SQL without Plugin so you gain Performance

Wordpress HTTPS SQL to enforce SSL

The most common issue is when people try to run slow loading plugins on shared hosting (especially Real Simple SSL, WPML, or any Visual Composers).

By removing Real Simple SSL, you will get rid of plenty of bad API calls to the SSL. Your site will run way less Slow Queries. You can use Plugins like Query Monitor to compare the performance before and after the SSL Plugin deactivation.

You can get a quick and simple free SSL by using Let’s Encrypt or Cloudflare as a Free CDN. The Free CDN of Cloudflare allows you to get a recognized SSL.

Once you’re done, you can use a SSL Checker like the SSL Labs to make sure your site is OK.

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