WooCommerce Core Web Vitals

Vilna Gaon works actively on improving WooCommerce Core Web Vitals. The Core Web Vitals report shows how your pages perform, based on real world usage data (sometimes called field data). You can read more about this initiative on the Google Search Central blog. These indicators are now closely followed by Google to assess your site’s position on Search Ranking.

WooCommerce Core Web Vitals Post Visuals

4 steps to quickly improve WooCommerce Core Web Vitals

Step 1: Fix the Images Format using Imagify

Using a paying Plugin named Imagify, you can make sure all images are correctly sized. Also, that plugin can convert all your JPEG and GIF to webp, an optimized format.

Step 2: Move your Images to Amazon S3

Using an Amazon S3 Bucket, create your own CDN image folder. At Vilna Gaon WooCommerce, we do use Media Library Folders Pro S3 and Spaces to copy or move media files from your WordPress Media Library to Amazon S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces in just a few minutes.

Step 3: Install a CDN for your site on Cloudflare

Cloudflare offers ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery over our global edge network. Exercise precise control over how your content is cached, reduce bandwidth costs, and take advantage of built-in unmetered DDoS protection.

On top of the usual CDN features, Cloudflare offers a full minify on its served content.

Step 4: Install a Cache system on WordPress like WP Rocket

WP Rocket instantly improves your site’s performance and WooCommerce Core Web Vitals scores. Forget configuration headaches, and enjoy the most amazing results!

WP Rocket automatically applies the 80% of web performance best practices. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to set it up and benefit from it.

Our Team fixes your WooCommerce Core Web Vitals

We will be happy to help you optimize your installation and decrease the Page Load down to 2 seconds.

The eCommerce WordPress platforms that we provide allow you a display worthy of the largest online sales sites. It will be decisive for your sales having a layout and visualization of your products that ensure you an optimal referencing on all images.

We can make sure that all 27 control points for MOZ are met when we help you build your Online Catalog. We use Mash’n Learn’s Technology to generate Product Pages in a massive way that quickly hike to Google Page 1.

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