WooCommerce Import plugin – How we use it?

Using the WP All Import WooCommerce Import plugin can look tricky, but it’s the quickest and the most reliable method to import thousands of products in WooCommerce.

garden orchid UK e-Commerce Assets is using WooCommerce Import plugin WP All Import

We already spoke about it in WooCommerce Import Products made easy, the main concern of an eCommerce Owner is to have the best and largest collection of products to sell.

WooCommerce Import plugin Q&A

Should I buy a licence or use the free version?

You should definitely buy a licence as it has a huge value vs keying all those products yourself.

What is the list of WP All Import plugins I should add?

  • WP All Import Pro
  • WP All Import – Link Cloaking Add-on
  • WP All Import – WooCommerce Add-On Pro
  • WP All Import – Yoast WordPress SEO Add-On

You should also add WP All Export if you want to feed your new product to Google Merchant or Amazon.

How can I make it faster?

There is 2 main tricks to avoid your Import to run for hours and often breaks:
1. Break the import files in chunks (10k to 15k records is a good size)
2. Don’t import the images right away, do it in a second run

If you site is too slow, we can help you with a Speed Audit & Fix:

Can I use the WooCommerce Import Plugin for Affiliate Products?

Yes, you can switch from Simple Product to Affiliate Link in the WooCommerce section of the WP All Import plugin. We do also help compaonies to run a full Product Affiliation Import in WooCommerce.

How WP All Import works?

WP All Import’s simple drag and drop interface makes it extremely easy to map the data in your XML or CSV file to the appropriate fields in WordPress.

The plugin works with any theme, any plugin, and supports images, Custom Fields, taxonomies, Custom Post Types, dates, and pretty much every other WordPress field.

WP All Import is designed to be efficient with large imports – it splits large import files into smaller chunks – making it possible to import files with hundreds of megabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of records, even on shared hosting.

WordPress XML imports? WordPress CSV imports? They are easy with WP All Import.

How can Vilna Gaon help?

We can assist you in large catalog imports, you can either contact us using the below contact form or start a conversation with our chat team down right of the screen.