WooCommerce Vendor Management

Convert your WooCommerce website into a multi-vendor marketplace with WooCommerce Vendor Management Plugin

WooCommerce Vendor Management - Implemented by Vilna Gain
Add a Vendor and manage its commission under WooCommerce

You have an existing website and a strong community and want to find ways to diversify your business? Or would you like to start an e-commerce business without having to invest in creating your own product line? With the WooCommerce Vendor Maganement Add-on, you can easily convert a WooCommerce powered store into a complete marketplace with multiple vendors, products and payment settings. Use the full potential of a Woocommerce Supplier Management plugin optimized and certified by WordPress.

Allow multiple vendors to sell from your website and, in return, take a commission on sales to cover the costs of running the site while you focus on building a community.

Why use the WooCommerce Vendor Maganement Add-on?

Keep selling your own products. Display suppliers’ products for sale next to your own products.

Define vendor-specific commission rates. Encourage new vendors to join your market or reward loyal or high revenue with vendor-specific commission rates – while setting a separate base commission rate in your market.

Reduce multiple user permissions on your own WooCommerce. Allow suppliers to manage their own products. Allow suppliers to manage their own products.

No commissions on unfinished orders. Define which commissions must only be assigned to vendors once the order is completed.

Restez au top de votre marché avec des rapports de vente. Obtenez une vue d’ensemble des ventes, commissions et revenus mensuels des fournisseurs par fournisseur.

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Product vendors are looking to their resellers for more and more precise functionalities such as:

Vendors can:

  • control their public profile
  • manage their products and modify the shipping rules per product themselves
  • add private notes to orders or notes to customers (for example, tracking numbers)
  • view their orders and sales performance reports
  • sell physical and/or digital products as well as time reservations
  • earn commissions

Marketplace owners can:

  • Accept and agree to requests from potential suppliers
  • Configure one or more vendor admins to manage vendor information.
  • Configure the commission and payment schedule for each vendor.
  • Integrate WooCommerce Bookings to allow suppliers to sell time-based reservations.
  • Display a seller’s note composed of the notes of all the products they sell.
  • Define wich products need approval before adding them to your shop by supplier.
  • Allow sales commissions to be a fixed amount or percentage and define it individually, by vendor, product or department store.
  • Pay your vendors instantly, manually, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

You can also create a registration form for vendors, send approval emails, manage each vendor’s settings separately, manage customer orders, shipments and notes, selectively display vendor information, …

Are you interested in this WooCommerce Vendor Management Add-on? Vilna Gaon can help you to integrate it directly into your WooCommerce or offer you a package for the complete creation of your new e-commerce website that perfectly fits your needs with this complete module.

Feel free to ask us your questions about this Woocommerce Supplier Management plugin via the online chat at the bottom right of the page or by e-mail: [email protected]