WP All Import Yoast WordPress SEO add-on

When you are using the WP All Import Yoast WordPress SEO add-on to help you in your SEO you probably already have a set of parameters that you have set up or that our Vilna Gaon team has set up for you. You might have a default title template, for example, default XML sitemap settings, etc.

The secret of Yoast SEO Export files

The secret (not so secret) of Yoast SEO Export files is that a simple text file contains everything you need. You can create a CSV or XML file, or even an online feed (via a link) that will contain all the data you want to see appear on your site for each product (one line per product) but the most interesting thing will be the titles of each column that can be inserted directly via the WP All Import Yoast WordPress SEO add-on module. Vilna Gaon can help you to create this standard file which will evolve very easily in the future.

It will then be in this file to think in advance about your settings necessary for Yoast that will allow you to generate dynamic content that will be directly well recognized by Yoast and therefore put you forward in your SEO.

WP All Import Yoast WordPress SEO add-on

All your settings in a text file

Each group of options begins with the column name in square brackets, such as {productname[1]} and {manufacturer[1]} in the example above. The reason you’ll want to change it is because you want it to be reusable. So you’ll want to remove all site-specific data, such as the logo and company name, verification strings for Bing, Google, Yandex, etc., from the site.

Export your data online in CSV format

An interesting add-on to Yoast SEO Premium is also the possibility to export data about your content to a CSV file. This way, you can use this exported file as a content template, for example, or to quickly see which publications have not been optimized correctly.

Do you want more information about this module that will make it easier for you to add your products to your WooCommerce website? Feel free to ask us your questions via the online chat at the bottom right of the page or by e-mail: [email protected]